Tools and Resources

Our general Ajami Lab repository for storing and sharing files is on Zenodo and can viewed here, but the links below offer a more curated view.

Online Collections and Resources for Ajami Manuscripts
  1. Selected Online Ajami Sources and Resources
Identification Tables
  1. Old Kanembu, Hausa, Fulfulde and Soninke
  2. Hausa, Songhai and Soninke
Analysis and Annotation with Tropy
  1. Create a first portable Tropy project
  2. Create additional portable Tropy projects
  3. Annotate instances of Ajami using Tropy
  4. Transliteration scheme using Tropy
  5. Extracting annotations from Tropy
General Workflow Guidelines
  1. Workflow et Conventions pour le nom des fichiers et dossiers
Maps and Graphics
  1. Map of Màndén, the Ghana and Mali empires, and Jùlá trade network
  2. Map of select traditions of Manding, Wolof, Fulani and Hausa Ajami literacy
  3. Approximate map of Sulemaana Kantè’s post-1941 travels and history of residence in West Africa
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