Updated abstracts and presentations from Ajami Lab Workshop, 31 Oct-1 Nov, 2018

Presentations and slides from the Ajami Lab’s Nov 2018 workshop

While preparing some new material on types of Ajami manuscripts and specific approaches to study them (based on this talk),  I post here an updated programme of the last year’s workshop. A big thank you to all participants and presenters! Here are the links to slide presentations (following the order of the talks in the programme):

Samby Khalil Magassouba, Bamako and Djibril Dramé, Hamburg
Analysis of a Soninke Ajami poem

Hamadou Boly, Bamako
Une étude analytique de la poésie du cheick Mouhammad Abdoulaye Souadou

Lameen Souag, Paris
Preliminary notes on a page of premodern Songhay and Tamasheq poetry from Timbuktu

Ismaila Zangou Barazi and Sidi Imam Miga, Bamako
La pensée lexique dans les manuscrits de Tomboctou (presentation in Arabic)

Darya Ogorodnikova, Hamburg
The scribes of the Soninke Islamic manuscripts and their networks

Djibril Dramé, Hamburg
Soninke of the Islamic Manuscripts: A comparative overview of a written register and modern (spoken) Soninke

Coleman Donaldson, Hamburg
Preliminary ethnographic and historical insights regarding language, literacy and scholarship amongst the Jula of the former Kong Empire

Nikolay Dobronravin, Saint Petersburg
(In)visibility of Ajami in Chad and Sudan and in Nigerian Android applications

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